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registered: 03.01.2014
13.03.2014, 19:52 email offline quote 

are not, is jupiter......
Christmas UFO still will be "split"
Christmas morning to see the UFO, aircraft, is a kite, or performing
Guo Zhengqiang told reporters,scarpe hogan interactive, because Jupiter has just completed the "opposition", plus yesterday morning air condition is better, the city light pollution is light,louboutin shoes, will let the public will usually not easy to see Jupiter as "UFO",Louboutin femme pas cher, "error will star as previously UFOs this kind of thing happen often the most important reason, first is our knowledge of astronomy are relatively scarce, secondly, air pollution and light pollution in the city prevents people from observations of the stars and appreciation, to finally get astronomical phenomenon normal as' rare'."
"in point of astronomy,outlet hogan online, Jupiter is now in the best observation time," said Guo Zhengqiang, Jupiter every 1 years and 34 days to complete one opposition, Jupiter, the sun, the earth is in the same line, when Jupiter will be in the evening in the southeast horizon, brightness after Venus the whole night, and visible, "according to the analysis and the description of the photo orientation, 'UFO' 95% may be jupiter."
yesterday afternoon, the reporter consulted the Shenyang Amateur Astronomers Association expert Guo Zhengqiang, Guo Zhengqiang in the analysis of the picture after the said,tn requin nike, according to the night sky and time, range data, preliminary judge for the jupiter.
yesterday morning about three thirty, a road spring park public Mr. Dai to unidentified object in the sky in the windowsill outside, "is on the west side of the sky,nike tn, sometimes a spot, sometimes into two,louboutin uk, wait 30 minutes, because it's too cold, did not pay attention to."
According to Mr
astronomy experts: members of the public to see Jupiter is
"shoot to the UFO it very much now,chaussure jordan, but most of the aircraft or meteorological phenomena." Mr. Dai said, "but this is very special, because it not only bright, and motionless, may not be the aircraft, also may not be a bulb kite, the night cold who come out to fly a kite? It is sometimes a split into two, including at least 6 person to see,escarpins Louboutin, then take a picture."
for Mr. Dai reflect objects "for a while." phenomenon,Louboutin pas chere, Guo Zhengqiang explained, this might be due to atmospheric refraction, "but through >
Christmas morning to see the UFO, aircraft, is a kite, or performing
recalls,air jordan 4, "last night after snow, later in the night is clear, you can see a lot of stars."
Mr. Dai said, he accidentally noticed night sky, only to find that there is a relatively bright objects appear on the west side of the sky, "sunny day, may not show the lights in the reflection of clouds. I called friends, friends said,air max bw, by the naked eye can see very clearly the object, feel very strange."

China and Kazakhstan second railway channel opening



2006 June, Xie Jianwen due to participate in gambling Liuhe color lost about 700000 yuan, in order to repay a debt, Xie violates company rules, using the convenience of duty, misappropriation of premium, and the premium return after the second the previous misappropriate premiums.
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